Blizzard accidentally revealed that Overwatch's Horizon Lunar Colony map is getting a major rework

Horizon Lunar Colony is one of Overwatch’s most-hated maps. For starters, it’s an Assault (two capture point) map, the gametype that "everyone hates" due to the incredibly close defenders’ spawn location. But on top of that, the overall map design has a fair number of problems.  It looks like Blizzard has taken notice, as a […]

PC Gamer UK Podcast 63: Use Cider on Lemon

This week (month? Fortnight? Just how frequent is this podcast these days?) Andy returns from his self-imposed exile to all things Jurassic World Evolution. He’s played Frontier’s upcoming park management sim, and reveals everything he knows about disaster, dinosaurs and Dr. Ian Malcolm. Meanwhile, Samuel and Phil revise their opinions of Vermintide 2 and Sea […]