Doomba turns your robotic vacuum cleaner into a Doom map-making machine

A Roomba is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that, guided by various sensors, will slowly prowl your room of choice, keeping your carpet clean without knocking everything over. Thanks to the efforts of coder Rich Whitehouse, it is also now an automated Doom map-making machine: The DOOMBA.  Doomba is actually a script for Whitehouse’s Noesis […]

Star Citizen's singleplayer Squadron 42 expected to begin beta testing in second half of 2020

Star Citizen boss Chris Roberts looked back on some of the game’s big events today’s likely-year-ending Letter from the Chairman update, including the addition of its first planet, the first major landing zone, and 32 new flyable ships. He also announced a new private investment of $46 million into Cloud Imperium, on top of the […]

Islands of Nyne, the Early Access battle royale FPS, has ceased development

Fast-paced, 50-player battle royale shooter Islands of Nyne has ceased development, only five months after launching into Early Access. In a message posted to the game’s Steam community, a spokesperson for studio Define Human confirmed that while the game will no longer be updated, it will transition to free-to-play and servers will be maintained for […]

Gigabyte launches an overclocked GeForce RTX 2080 Ti with a blower-style cooler

Nvidia is pushing a newly designed cooling solution for the overclocked Founders Edition variants of its GeForce RTX series graphics cards, though there are still cards out there with blower-style coolers, if that’s your preference. One of them is Gigabyte’s new Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Turbo 11G. The card is rather conservative in appearance, […]