Steam is dropping support for Ubuntu, but not Linux entirely (Update: Ubuntu support continues)

(Image credit: Future) Update: In a post on the official Steam for Linux community, a Valve developer said that Steam will likely continue to support Ubuntu. The reversal came after Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu Linux, said they would continue to support select 32-bit packages on upcoming versions of the Ubuntu desktop OS. "We’re still […]

Bernie Sanders is about to become a Twitch streamer

(Image credit: Bernie Sanders YouTube) U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has created a Twitch channel, which probably doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing him stream PUBG duos with Shroud, but we can always dream. Instead, as Recode reports, the Sanders campaign plans on using Twitch alongside Facebook and YouTube to stream up-to-the-moment live […]

Tim Schafer says the Microsoft deal will let Double Fine stay 'experimental'

Tim Schafer offered a simple, to-the-point explanation for agreeing to Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Double Fine Productions: Money. He was joking, sort of (maybe?) but he took a more serious tone in an interview with Gamasutra in which he talked about the studio’s long-term prospects under the Microsoft flag.  Schafer said Microsoft has committed to […]