Microsoft Flight Simulator preview build registration is coming soon

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios) Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Insider Program, which started taking sign-ups last month, will start giving members a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development in August. Early in the month, Insiders will get a preview of the development roadmap, clips captured from the build and details on the first preview build. Insiders […]

Borderlands 3 profiles the world of Promethea

Visit Promethea. Home to the Atlas corporation, this metropolitan city-planet has been brought under siege by Maliwan, turning its futuristic urban environment into a brutal warzone. #LetsMakeSomeMayhemLearn more: 24, 2019 We’ve known for a while now that one of the planets you’ll be visiting in Borderlands 3 is an urban world called Promethea. […]