Borderlands 3 profiles the world of Promethea

Visit Promethea. Home to the Atlas corporation, this metropolitan city-planet has been brought under siege by Maliwan, turning its futuristic urban environment into a brutal warzone. #LetsMakeSomeMayhemLearn more: 24, 2019 We’ve known for a while now that one of the planets you’ll be visiting in Borderlands 3 is an urban world called Promethea. […]

GTA Online's 'Diamond Program' offers exclusive rewards for casino patrons

(Image credit: Rockstar) GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort opens its doors to the world tomorrow, July 23, offering patrons the finest in high-flyin’, stylin’, and profilin’ luxury in a Master Penthouse suite that comes complete with Silver Status VIP Membership. That gets you the exclusive "She’s Loaded" artwork to hang in your new abode, […]

Minecraft version 1.14.4 is out now

(Image credit: Microsoft) There’s a new version of the Java version of Minecraft. The 1.14.4 patch contains a lot of bugfixes for the Villagers and Pillagers update, which Mojang described as Minecraft’s biggest update ever. As always there’s some entertaining stuff hidden in those bugfix notes, my favorite being "Villagers will now remember their gossip […]