Beware of malicious Minecraft skins that attempt to erase your hard drive

Security firm Avast said it discovered malware lingering in several downloadable Minecraft skins, and that nearly 50,000 accounts have already been infected. While not particularly sophisticated in nature, the malware is designed to reformat hard drives, delete backup data, and remove system programs. According to Avast, the underlying code of the malware strain is "largely […]

Ooblets developer update reveals four new characters and a 'level unlock tree'

The Ooblets devblog for March showcases some big additions and changes in the upcoming farming/RPG/Pokemon crossover, including four new characters, a closer look at the "grumboire" journal that tracks your progress and accomplishments in the game, improved flags and new Discord emojis, and a "player level unlock tree" that enables "personal development" alongside all the […]